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Savary Park

Overlooking Saint Mary's Bay, just east of exit #27 on Highway 101 is Savary Park. Ideal for picnics, beach combing & walking/running, this Provincial park is open daily mid-May to October. There is lots of room for group gatherings, quiet nooks for sleepy get-aways, open spaces and treed areas, and picnic tables.


Cricket Field

The Cricket Field is located on Sissiboo Street, (check out the Area map). Here we have two baseball fields that are very busy during the summer months. There is also a mini playground where the younger children can play while their siblings are playing ball.

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The Story Book Trail

 Once upon a time starts off any good story with warmth and comfort, it makes your surroundings seem far away, calm and happy. It always brings a smile to your face as though you were still a child, and it makes all possibilities seem endless. You experience a feeling of distance and you go back in time, if even for a moment.
Why not experience that same feeling with Weymouth’s very own section of the Trans Canada Trail. This is a great experience for every age to enjoy, a great contribution to the heritage of this historic community. The trail represents the five founding cultures in less than 1 km of trail through stories of the past displayed on interpretive panels designed to replicate an opened story book.You can enjoy the inspiring stories of the Mi'kmaq, the Black Loyalists, the United Empire Loyalists, the New France Settlers and the Acadians. 

Indulge yourself with a quiet walk on the trail or bring your whole family. Enjoy the picturesque waterfront or take yourself back to the age of steam locomotives with a visit to the 1500 ft Sissiboo railway trestle. All this while osprey and eagles soar over head and other types of wildlife are sighted from the gazebos which are located along the trail. The trail is complemented with playground and fitness equipment ideal for children and adults which are a compliment to a great family outing. We will be pleased to see you and your family at the story book trail, experiencing the stories of these five cultures, and enjoying the sights that Weymouth has to offer.
In 2012 the Federal government felt the trestle bridge posed a danger on the River and had the bridge dismantled.


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