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J MoodyJames Moody who some would suggest was one of the founding fathers of the village of Weymouth, was born in 1744 in Knowlton Township, New Jersey. During the early days of the American Revolution, Moody appeared content to stay at home with his wife and let the war go on without him. Everything changed, however, early in 1777 when a party of rebels attacked him on his farm.

Shortly after the incident, Moody along with about 70 others from the county joined the 5th Battalion of the New Jersey Volunteers. The rebels would learn to regret the attack on Moody’s farm. James Moody became one of the most notorious Loyalists during the revolution causing havoc with rebel forces throughout the war. He survived at least one attempt at capture by overpowering his guards and subsisting on “nuts and berries” in the countryside.

In Nova Scotia, James Moody eventually became a colonel in the militia. He died in Weymouth in 1809, leaving a widow, Jane (his second wife).

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