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The Village Commission will make the minutes of meetings availalbe for viewing after they are approved by the Commission.

Minutes of Meeting of Weymouth Board of Commissioners

A meeting of the Weymouth Board of Commissioners was held on Jan 4, 2016 with Commissioners Gaudett, Frizzell, Raymond, Doucet and Mullen present. Chair, Commissioner Gaudett called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM . Also present were two interest ratepayers, Donna Hoppe & Nyna Cropas

Minutes of Meetings Dec 7th was approved on motion by Commissioner Raymond and seconded by Commissioner Frizzell.

Business Arising out of the Minutes:
Commissioner Frizzell has been on NSPC's case on street lights.
Board room still leaking -Commissioner Doucet to try to determine source, no change
Possible tenant for Ag Office -Weymouth Credit Union. no new developments.

Financial Reports: An updated financial report was presented by Clerk Treasurer. Acceptance of report moved by Commissioner Frizzell and seconded by Commissioner Raymond. Carried.

Christmas greetings from Grant Thornton, Wagner's Refrigeration and WastePro.
E-mail from Tony Boudreau, Director Digby HomeCare. (see new business)
E-mail Grant Thornton re asset valuations (see new business).
E-Mail Victoria Brooks on behalf of Bd of Trade regarding web site.(see new business)

New Business:
Doctor recruiter hired, Recruitment committee meeting Wednesday Jan 6th to plan for prospective doctor visit scheduled for Jan 21st.
Chair Gaudett gave up date on Village/Bd of Trade website. Nearing completion. Request made that Commission meeting minutes be provided for website when operational. All concurred.
HomeCare concerns with water discussed. In absence of Ms Boudreau, who had been invited to the meeting, Chair Gaudett reviewed our responsibilities as issued by Dept of Environment. We are in compliance with all required testing. Copy to be provide to HomeCare along with latest test results. Annual replacement of water filters will be done by J & D Electric & Plumbing on annual basis as recommended.
Discussion on V Goudey's issue with new owner of property adjacent the Elementary School ensued. General consensus it that issue is beyond Village Commission responsibility.
Commissioner Frizzell brought forth a request from Blood Clinic that they continue to have accept to fax machine in the clinic. For time being they continue to used Dr Westby's Fax line and when time comes to change over phone lines village will assume the line.

Next meeting date will be February 1st, 2016

There being no further business meeting was adjourned at 8:12 on motion Commissioner Raymond 2nd Commissioner Frizzell.

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