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The regular monthly eeting of the Board of Commissioners of the Village of Weymouth was held on Feb. 3, 2020 in the meeting room at the Medical Centre with Commissioners Gaudett, Raymond, Frizzell and Mullen present. Also present was Rod Lefort who had asked to be added to the agenda.

Meeting was called to order by the Chair at 7pm.

Prior to reading the minutes, the floor was turned over to Rod Lefort who made a presentation on behalf of the Weymouth Area Health coalition. In summary, their request was for the commission to give consideration to hiring a private doctor recruiter to fill the vacancy left when Dr. Curtis closed his practice. it is his group's feeling that the provincial recruiters are not and will not put any priority on finding a dotro for Weymouth. After considerable discussion it was decided to invite the private recruiter (John Philpott - believed to be the same one that the unicipality had retained prior to Dr. Curtis coming) to meet with us. Date to be determined. The Warden will also be invited with the hope that the Municipality will once again fund this effort.

As January 6gh, 2020 meeting did not produce a quorum, the minutes of the meeting of December 2nd, 2019 were approved as presented on motion by Commissioner Raymond and seconded by Commissioner Frizzell.

Business arising out of the minutes:

- Repairs to garbage shed have been completed. Still waiting home skylight repair. Chair will contact Brian Saulnier of Saulnier Construction to give his opinion on skylight whether it can be fixed or should be removed.

- The two nurse practitioners have started their one day a week schedule, office rental contract has been signed and rent has been received for Jan. & Feb. 


  • Letter from a SMBA student requesting financial support for her work at a leadership camp in Mexico. As there is no provision in Municipal Government Act for such funding the request was declined.
  • Property assessment notices, no action required
  • Email  confirmation of NP rental, no action required
  • Letter from RCB confirming that corporate VISA account balance will be changed to our bank account when due. Hopefully they finally have the mailing address for the statement corrected as well.
  • Christmas greetings from Grant Tornton and Wastepro.
  • Email from Municipality requesting confirmation of village Rae for 2020 - no change 
  • Letter from Intact Insurance/Frank Cowan confirming that Intact has bought out Frank Cowan - no action required
  • Letter from Langford Heritage Community Council requesting a letter of wupport for that organizations for ufnding under "Community Facilities Improvement Program". - Approved, Clerk to write letter of support

Financial Reports: An updated financial report was presented by Clerk Treasurer, approved on motion by Commissioner Frizell, seconded by Commissioner Mullen.

New business:

- Clerk presented proposed budget for 2020 albeit somewhat late. Budget approved on motion by Commissioner Frizzell, seconded by Commissioner Raymond.

-Commissioner Raymond advised that he will ne resigning from the commission effective at the 2020 Annual meeting as he will no longer be a ratepayer within the village boundaries.

-General discussion followed

Next meeting March 2nd, 2020. There being no further business meeting was adjourned at 8:05 on motion Commissioner Raymond, seconded by Commissioner Mulllen.

Respectively submitted

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