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Gilbert's Cove LighthouseThis square keeper’ house with the lantern atop the roof was built in 1904 to serve the communities of Brighton, Barton, Plympton, Gilbert’s Cove and Ashmore along the eastern shore of St. Mary’s Bay.

“The fixed red light was dioptric of the seventh order, elevated 40 feet above high water mark and visible seven miles from all points of approach by water.” (Dept. of Marine, 1905).

This kerosene light was maintained by William Joseph Melanson, his wife May, and their five children. In late 1950, when “Willie Jane” reached 75 years of age, his position of light keeper was awarded to his daughter. Louise lived in her family home with her dogs tending the light until 1965, when it became unwatched. She welcomed visitors and guests until her untimely death in 1972 at age 58. The electric unwatched light was discontinued in the tower and an automated beacon mounted on a concrete base outside her vacant home. The boarded-up lighthouse soon became vandalized and disconcerted citizens feared its complete destruction.

In 1982, more than fifty residents of Plympton, Gildert’s Cove and Ashmore, formed the Gilbert Cove & District Historical Society under the leadership of Ernest Morrisey.

The automated bacon was decommissioned and removed from the concrete base in May, 1984.

Gilbert’s Cove Lighthouse includes:
A Museum
Gift Shop
Tea Room
Picnic Area

Approximately 10 km north of Weymouth, on St. Mary’s Bay just off Highway 101 (Route 1) at the end of the Lighthouse Road. It overlooks Duck Pond, Gilbert’s Cove, Plympton and Digby Neck.
The gravel road is less than a mile long.

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