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Team Weymouth was founded in 2005 by local business and community leaders in a collaborative effort to support and foster community development in Weymouth and the surrounding areas. It was developed in an effort to combat the economic devastation created by the closing of the Irving saw mill around this time. In 2006, Team Weymouth - in partnership with several government agencies- undertook a project to create a community economic development strategy (CEDS) through a process of research, community consultation and outreach. This was completed in 2007 and it identified five priority areas for economic development in Weymouth. In 2007, the board of Team Weymouth voted to begin its implementation of CEDS by focusing on one of those areas: the development of the Weymouth waterfront and downtown as a tourism, recreation, and retail destination. This segment of development was chosen since the Weymouth Waterfront Development Committee already had a plan for development in this area. The plan included construction of a community library in the downtown core as well as paving for the parking area. Other components of the plan included: A signage system for the village; floating dock; construction of a manufacturing plant; and a program to improve the retail facades was offered to retailers.

For more information on Team Weymouth, contact email Sissiboo Landing.

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